AppLauncherMenu API

<AppLauncherMenu> is a drop-down menu that provides a list of installed applications. Users can launch applications by clicking in the menu. This component also supports "Quick Components" – the ability for users to create their own components by entering a URL.

Here is screenshot of the <AppLauncherMenu>:

App Launcher


Prop Property Type Required Default Value Description
enableQuickComponents boolean No true Set to false to disable users from creating their own components from random URLs
components Array false [] An optional array of strings that acts as a filter for displayed components - only components whose name is included in the array will be displayed by the menu.

Components are displayed in <AppLauncherMenu> only if they have the config property ['foreign']['App Launcher']['launchableByUser'] set to true.


The <AppLauncherMenu> component can be used from the toolbar like so:

	<ToolbarSection className="left">
		<AppLauncherMenu />