This tutorial details procedures to follow when you run into difficulties when developing with Finsemble.

The Central Logger

The Central Logger is an incredibly useful tool for diagnosing Finsemble problems and will be your first line of defense. Its tutorial details how you can set log levels and change logging details.

  • To launch the Central Logger, click on the Finsemble icon in the top left corner of the toolbar and select "Central Logger" from the menu. The Central Logger is only available when the Finsemble is hosted from localhost.
  • You can also spawn the Central Logger by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+L. This is useful if your error has caused the toolbar not to load. However, this hotkey will not work if Assimilation is not working.
  • If neither the toolbar nor the hotkey CTRL+SHIFT+L are available, you can bring up the Central Logger by following these steps:
    • From your browser, go to the debug window, typically at http://localhost:9090.
    • Confirm that Central Logger is running, then click on its entry to bring up its window.
    • From the Central Logger window, go to the console and enter the command showConsole(). This should bring up the Central Logger.

Using the Chromium Debugger

Finsemble runs on top of a Chromium container. Chromium contains the same debugging tools that you are used to in Chrome. Press CTRL+SHIFT+I to pop up Chromium's debug tools in a new window.

An alternative debugging method is to open a browser and navigate to http://localhost:9090. Each window in your application is listed on that page. Click on the window you wish to debug and a Chromium debugger will be launched for that window. There are some limitations (e.g., you can't evaluate code in the console in a remote session), but it largely acts as you would expect.

Get support from Cosaic

We're available to provide support. To capture log data for field support, follow these steps.

Logging settings for support

  1. Launch the Central Logger.

  2. Click the "Finsemble Support" button. This toggles the settings to capture a broad range of log levels.

  3. Click "Clear Data" to start fresh.

  4. Try to recreate the problem that you were experiencing. If gathering logs for a start-up problem, restart Finsemble to see if the error occurs.

  5. If the problem occurred, save the log by clicking "Export Log."

  6. Most log files are large. Zip the log files to compress them before sending them to Cosaic.

  7. Email the log file to Please include a detailed description of the problem you're experiencing in your email so that we can properly diagnose the problem.

Important: This detailed logging level might introduce performance issues to your Finsemble application. Once debugging is completed, it's best reduce the logging levels to their default state. To reset the log settings back to their original values, click the "Default" button under Quick Views.

check   If you need support from Cosaic, the Finsemble Support button in the Central Logger make it easy to capture and export logs. Make sure you reset the Central Logger settings afterwards.

Further reading

For more information about diagnosing issues so you can iterate quickly, check out Debugging Finsemble.