What's new in 6.0

Here is the overview of the new and updated features for the Finsemble 6.0 release:

  • We now support FDC3 1.2 out of the box, including HTML5, .NET, Java, and freestanding apps.
  • Interop Service replaces Linker Client and Linker Service.
  • We replaced components.json with appd.json. The appd.json adheres to the FDC3 standard.
  • The new migrate CLI tool helps you transition from components.json to appd.json.
  • The user-friendly FDC3 Resolver helps the user decide which app should get the data and to pick an appropriate intent from UI.
  • Accessibility improvements include Alt+Tab (Cmd+Tab for Mac). Also, we now include accessibility scanning in the automated testing suite for several UI components.
  • The Quick Component feature is disabled and we plan to remove it.

See the changelog for more details.