Linker window on GitHub

The LinkerMenu can be launched from the window titlebar. Once launched, users can select up to 20 active channels for that particular window. Windows with the same active channels selected will be able to share and synchronize data. Each window will show its active channels on the window titlebar.

Usage Example

import { LinkerMenu } from "@finsemble/finsemble-ui/react/components";

ReactDOM.render(<LinkerMenu />, document.getElementById("linker"));

The LinkerMenu accepts no props.

The linker window is a component that interfaces with the Linker Service. It is used to add or remove a Finsemble component from a linker channel, demarcated by color. The linker window is launched from the link icon on the window title bar.

  • The window title bar calls LinkerClient.openLinkerWindow() which sends a router query on the Finsemble.LinkerWindow.Show channel with the window's groups, windowIdentifier and windowBounds.

  • The linker window then updates its display using that information and opens up at the proper position:

    finWindow.showAt(data.windowBounds.left, + 20, function () {});
  • When the user clicks on the group color to update the window's groups, the linker window uses the Linker Client API to update the groups. It then hides itself.

Check out Linking Components for more information about linking and the Linker Service.