If at any point you need help, you can contact We offer support throughout the project. Contact us for:

  • Proof of concept (POC)
  • Solutions architecture and technical design
  • Implementation and deployment
  • Ongoing support, including support for upgrades
  • Bugs
  • Feature requests

Proof of concept

If you want to see how Finsemble can help solve your business problems, the Client Success team will work with your developer team to build a proof of concept. We will embed solutions engineers for a two week sprint. During that time, we will:

  • Provide training
  • Share with you examples and recipes for typical Finsemble integrations
  • Deliver a functioning demo of the smart desktop that you can share with the stakeholders. You can also later extend this demo for your own deployment.

Implementation and deployment

Depending on the size of your enterprise, implementing and deploying any new platform can be a considerable undertaking. Our solutions architects and engineers can help you with:

  • Planning your deployment
  • Designing a custom service
  • Creating a testing plan
  • Troubleshooting deployment issues

If you take advantage of these services, you will set your project up for success. We will happily spend time with you at the early stages so that we can help address any issues early on and avoid ongoing problems.

Ongoing support

After you deploy, you might find you want to add new features to your existing deployment. Contact us to discuss what you’re planning to do and we’ll provide architectural and technical design consultation. We’ll help you plan the new feature and add it in a way that makes future upgrades easier. One typical example is adding a custom service.

Throughout your contract with Finsemble you will receive a rapid triage of defects and issue reporting. For the first several months of your project, you will work closely with solutions engineers to ensure that your team has the tools they need for success. We also provide robust documentation, training materials, and code recipes to further support your team.


Please report bugs to It will help us to know when you spotted the bug and exactly what happened. You need to provide:

  • Expected behavior
  • Observed behavior
  • The version of Finsemble you are running. If you’re upgrading, what version are you upgrading from?
  • Reproduction steps. If possible, provide a quick video that demonstrates the issue
  • Logs, if relevant
  • Any other information you think will help us resolve the bug.

Issue report template

You can copy this issue report template to your email message, fill in the details, and send it to us:

Summary: [In a few words describe the issue.]

Your environment:

Finsemble version:

Windows or Mac OS?: [Windows/Mac]

Assimilation enabled?: [Y/N]

Claimed space enabled?: [Y/N]

Reproduction steps: [Describe in detail how to reproduce the issue.]

Number of end users affected:

Urgency: [low / medium / high / critical / blocking work or release]

If critical, help us understand why:

Additional information (optional): [Attach code examples, snippets, logs, gifs, videos, or any other helpful artifacts if available.]

Feature requests

As you work with Finsemble, you will occasionally find that you wish it had functionality it currently doesn’t support. Let us know about it. We consider every request, although we can’t promise we’ll fulfill it. We add new features regularly, so perhaps what you want is already in the works.

When and how to contact support

We have support engineers around the world, ready to help you with any issue. Contact us at