System Tray

The system tray appears whenever the user right-clicks the Finsemble system tray icon. By default, it is identical to the File Menu; however, you customize them independently.

The system tray is included in the seed project for easy customization - see it here on Github.

The system tray has several several pre-built controls (listed in the table below) which may be removed or rearranged. Additionally you can add your own items - here's a quick example:

<Preferences />
<MenuItem onClick={() => alert("Hello world!")}>
	My Custom Menu Item
<SystemLog />


The System Tray uses the following React components from the Finsemble UI API library.

Control Summary
Preferences An menu item that opens the Preferences window.
SystemLog A menu item that opens the system log.
CentralLogger A menu item that opens the central logger.
Documentation A menu that opens this documentation site.
Restart A menu item that restarts the SmartDesktop.
Reset A menu item that resets the SmartDesktop to its initial state, destroying all workspaces, custom apps, etc (use with caution!).
Quit A menu item that quits the SmartDesktop.